How to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Friends

How to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Friends

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a thing or couples, celebrate it with your friends this year!
Imogen Jeffries

Single on Valentine's Day? Don't worry about it! Spend the day with your friends instead. Because friendship is love, too.

When Valentine's Day rolls around, many people feel pressure to either A) be in a relationship, or B) take their loved one out for an extravagant night of wine'ing and dining.

But what if we told you that you could avoid standing in dinner lines, purchasing generic Valentine's Day chocolates for your significant other, or getting to know a new person over a heavy meal and too much wine - that can deem one of the most awkward evenings of your life? We hone in on the idea that Valentine's Day is also an opportune moment to share an amazing experience with some of the most important people in your life: your friends.

A 10-year study revealed that having a great network of friends is just as important as having a nurturing family, and partner. Having a key group of friends also is beneficial for your stress levels, heart health, and self-esteem. Clearly, friends are important, so why not show them a bit of love this year?

Just like in primary school when Valentine's Day was marked by a card exchange amongst your friends and classmates, we believe in bringing back the ode to friendship on Valentine's Day. Have a little scroll for Gift Ideas if you're looking to rebuild friendships, have a laugh, or simply looking to enjoy a drink or two to avoid any Valentine's Day blues.

1.Cook Something Delicious

Learning something new together as friends is a great way to bond. If you haven't seen your friends in a while, re-spark the friendship vibes and share a laugh over learning how to cook, or simply creating a new dish, together. Our cooking classes are as follows:

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2.Get Active

Those that sweat together, stay together. An active and sweaty experience with friends ignites friendly competition, laughter, and banter - all you need to cure the Valentine's Day blues. Snap a few pictures and get active with your friends this Valentine's Day with one of the following activities across Australia:

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Show yourself and friends some love this year with some must-needed pampering. Celebrate your singledom with an indulgent massage package and forget all about the stresses that come along with Valentine's Day.

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4.Relaxation Massage | Gold Coast

If you want a no-fret gift, it's pretty hard to turn this one down. You can treat your Dad, Grandpa, Boyfriend or mate to some much needed downtime and a massage experience.

This 60-minute relaxation massage at Q1 Resort and Spa on the Gold Coast is the perfect gift to help him relax and unwind in celebration of his special occasion.

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5.Dine Out

Because dining on Valentine's Day isn't just for couples. We've got some great dinner vouchers that will take you and your squad to some amazing dining establishments across Australia. Science shows us the art of eating is one of the necessary building blocks for social groups and communication. If you're looking to spend the night out on the town with the ladies, or take the lads out for a beer, our Gifts will definitely point you in the right direction:

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6.Drink Up

Wine tasting as a couple is romantic. But nothing beats wine tasting alongside your best mates. Get together this Valentine's Day over a bottle of wine, in the sunshine, and reminisce about some of the best times you have spent together, and get excited for more to come. If you prefer beer, we have got that covered too.

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If you're looking for more experience gift ideas for Valentine's Day, check out our full gift list below.

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