Gift Review: iFLY Indoor Skydiving Intro Flight

Gift Review: iFLY Indoor Skydiving Intro Flight

Gift It Now's Reservations Supervisor, Courtney, reviews her awesome indoor skydiving experience on the Gold Coast.
Courtney Hickey

The iFly Intro is an insight into what they offer with 2 flights included.

Read the review from Gift It Now's Reservations Supervisor here and get ready to get excited by the idea of indoor skydiving.

This is a great experience that could be gifted to anyone of all ages and would be a great activity for a family as children 3 years and over can even do iFly.

The team at iFly are great and make everyone feel so comfortable especially if you are feeling a bit nervous.

If you are not someone that would like to jump out of a plane or even if you are looking at something fun to do I would highly recommend this as it really feels like you are flying!

How to get there:

This is located in Surfers Paradise right on the tramline and a close walk from the Bruce bishop car park if you are travelling by car.

What to bring:

  • Lace up runners
  • Comfortable clothes

Ideal gift for...

This is an ideal gift for anyone looking to have some fun!

If you're eager to gift this Gold Coast indoor skydiving gift voucher to someone special, or you're looking to gift it to yourself, you can grab a voucher instantly online!

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