June's Gift (better) Guide

June's Gift (better) Guide

It's time to up your gift game this month. Let us help you with this delicious, adventurous and scenic June gift guide.

Brittney Deguara

As June rolls around so do new gift-not-optional events such as birthdays, weddings, engagements and anniversaries. So, it's time to gift better.

With our June Gift (better) guide, we're urging you to blow the gift wrap off last year's gifts (again) and step up the gift game for real.

We've listed 7 of our top gift picks for June, including our delicious and skillful gift of the month. They all have a common theme of doing and being better, so these gifts will give them the chance to learn a new skill or refresh their current ones.

1.Learn to cook Spanish Tapas | Brisbane

Yes, everyone can cook (well, almost everyone), but can everyone cook delicious Spanish tapas? Probably not. June's Gift of the Month is sure to be a delicious hit with the foodie in your life. So instead of taking them out for a yummy tapas evening, teach them a new skill and then enjoy some yummy tapas that you've prepared yourself. Think of this as a gift for yourself because the kitchen skills they learn can be replicated at home when you go over for dinner. Your stomach will thank us.

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2.Learn to fly a helicopter | Melbourne

Believe it, you can gift them the chance to learn to fly a helicopter. A helicopter! How cool is that?! With the choice of a 30 or 60-minute flight, they'll take the controls with an experienced pilot by their side to experience one of the greatest thrills around. To top it off, they'll receive a flight certificate at the end to assist their bragging rights.

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3.Be a Junior Zoo Keeper for the day | Perth

This gift is perfect for the kids who love to learn and who just simply love animals. Being a junior zoo keeper for the day at Peel Zoo in Perth is a unique, memorable and handson experience that is sure to make their day (or year). Perfect for kids aged 8 to 16 years (sorry to all of the adult kids out there), they'll have the chance to hold a 3.5-metre Olive Python and feed a baby Tassie Devil - so cool!

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4.Drive or ride in a Rally Car | Brisbane

This gift is perfect for those with the need for speed and who want to top up their rally driving skills (just casually). The Rally School in Ipswich is the place to be for license holders and non-license holders with their driving experiences and hot lap rides. You can gift an 8-lap drive, a 3-lap hot lap ride, or a 16-lap two car blast drive.

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5.Learn to surf | Gold Coast

The Gold Coast + Surfing = A dream experience. The Gold Coast is renowned for its awesome surf conditions, but not everyone knows how to catch a wave. With this surf lesson on Surfers Paradise Beach, you can teach them a new, useful and impressive skill in the water. With experienced instructors on hand to show them how it's down and help them catch their first wave, they'll soon be cooler than you.

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6.Be taught how to take great photos | Sydney

We all have that friend that doesn't know how to use their camera (if you don't know someone, it's most likely you...). Luckily, there are people you can pay to teach you how to use it. This fun, scenic and informative photography course in Sydney will see them walk away with a new set of skills and a memory card of awesome and perfect photos of Sydney.

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7.Learn golf from a pro | Adelaide

Let's be honest, Tiger Woods wasn't born with his awesome golf skills, and neither were you and your friends. That's where this professional golf lesson in Adelaide will come in handy. They'll enjoy one-on-one coaching from an experienced golfer on the beautiful Geoff Heath Golf Course. This is perfect for first-time golfers and those looking to brush up on their putting skills.

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If you're looking for more experience gift ideas around Australia, then check out our full range of gifts here!

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