Gift Review: Learn to Fly Melbourne

Gift Review: Learn to Fly Melbourne

Gift It Now's Product Coordinator Chelsey now knows how to fly a plane! Read her review of this Melbourne gift below.
Chelsey Murray

Learning to fly is a unique, surreal and dreamy experience so when I was given the opportunity to learn this new skill with the team at Learn to Fly Melbourne, I jumped at the chance.

So if you're an adrenaline junkie like me, you will be incredibly thrilled at the chance to take sole control of an aircraft with the help of an experienced pilot of course. This is also a great gift for those in the process of building their flight hours to gain a recreational or commercial pilot license.

The experience began with me taking a seat in the pilot seat, buckling up and calming my nerves. I was taught how to use the various aircraft controls and motion while picking up phrases and communication used in the industry from my trainer. Then, it was time to fasten my seat belt, ensure I am aware of my closest exit and be seated for landing.

The trainer was tasked with takeoff and landing (thank goodness), however, once we were safely in the air and enjoying a birds-eye-view of the beautiful Victoria landscape, the controls were handed over to me. Once I took control the feeling was indescribable! Having the responsibility of balancing the aircraft while also enjoying this incredible view over Melbourne city, I was completely overwhelmed and could not wipe the smile off my face.

Once we landed I immediately wanted to take her back up and was deflated that the experience was over. That is a big indication of how much I enjoyed this gift. The team at Learn to Fly Melbourne made the experience all the more enjoyable, helping me walk away with a new skill under my belt and a new story to share.

How to get there:

Learn to Fly Melbourne's take off point is located at Moorabbin Airport, 35 First Ave Melbourne. It is easily reached by car; I plugged it into Google Maps and arrived easily. It is also possible to catch public transport with public bus and train services dropping you just a short walk from the airport.

What to bring:

  • Closed in shoes (sandals or thongs are not allowed)
  • Comfortable clothing as you will be climbing in and out of the aircraft (ladies, shorts are recommended instead of dresses and skirts)
  • Sunglasses

Ideal gift for...

This is an ideal gift for any aspiring pilots. Be it your brother, sister, dad or son, this flying gift will be sure to brighten up their next big occasion. For me, this gift is a top pick for Father's Day, birthdays and Christmas. Keep in mind in order to learn to fly, participants are required to be at least 14 years of age, however, there are programs available for young pilots.

If you're looking to grab this gift for a special someone, check out our gift page for more information.

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