Escape Hunt Melbourne

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Tour Duration: 1:00 hour

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  • 60 minute escape-the-room game
  • 4 Different adventure rooms to choose from
  • Open daily from 11am until 9.30pm
  • Law and Disorder
  • Machinarium or Odditorium

Surprise the problem solvers in your life with a gift voucher for a unique escape the room experience at Escape Hunt Melbourne. With this voucher, they'll have the opportunity to don their detective's hat and immerse themselves in an hour-long problem-solving experience. With the choice of three different escape rooms perfect for groups of 2 to 5 people, they'll see themselves facing either a disappearance, murder or abduction!

The Law and Disorder room will involve guests solving the disappearance and possible murder of an undercover detective - their partner in fact. The Secrets of the Brewery room forces guests to really concentrate, attempting to solve the murder of a Melbourne-based German brewmaster. Lastly, the Abduction at The Graveyard room involves guests solving a hot kidnapping case before it's too late!

Escape the room puzzles are one of the newest crazes to take the world by storm. Introduce some friends to this great new trend with tickets to Escape Hunt Melbourne. The attraction is located at Ground Floor, Shop 3, 190 Queen Street, Melbourne. They open from 10am until 10pm, 7 days a week giving guests plenty of opportunities to play.

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Important stuff


  • 60-minute “escape the room” game
  • 4 different adventure rooms to choose from. Please choose at the time of booking which room you'd like

Law and Disorder

  • Play the role of an undercover detective investigating the disappearance and possible murder of your partner!
  • After finally infiltrating an illegal bootlegging establishment of a well-known gangster, you must gather evidence and notes your partner has left behind in order to create a case against the notorious criminal
  • Recommended 3-5 players

Secrets of The Brewery

  • You have just learned that a Melbourne-based German brew-master has been murdered. It has been suspected that the agenda of the murder is to steal a secret beer recipe
  • As a London detective on the last leg of your tour in Melbourne, you have been called in to assist the Victorian police to locate the recipe and bring the perpetrator to justice


  • Strange events have occurred in a secret government facility and all its staff have gone missing. Initial investigations have gone cold as agents have not been able to connect all the dots together. However, they have marked evidence in the room that you may be able to use to identify the spy
  • Your task is to solve the clues left by the scientist, find the escape route and discover the identity of the spy within the hour before the spy disappears for good


  • Oliver works at a small local museum, dubbed the “Odditorium”, as a museum curator. Over time as the museum’s custodian, he has begun acting strange - growing dismissive and distant
  • As a group of private eyes hired by Oliver’s family, you’ve been tasked to investigate the “Odditorium” and determine the cause of this bizarre occurrence


  • Unique adventure based of the classic “escape the room” online games now popular in many countries around the world
  • They were then made into real life games in Japan around 2007
  • Players are locked in a simple room with objects and little decoration and feel like being inside a computer game while searching for clues and solving puzzles trying to escape
  • Aimed at anyone with a sense of fun who likes puzzles
  • We have intentionally designed the adventures to appeal to different age groups, genders and backgrounds
  • We find that equal numbers of tourists, expats and locals enjoy the game immensely
  • If you have more than 5 players, book 2 or more rooms and spread your team across those rooms


  • Ground Floor, Shop 3, 190 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
  • Open from 10.00am to 10.00pm, 7 days a week
  • After the booking, please call the operator to confirm your booking time (Operator details will be printed on your voucher)

Voucher Information

  • A gift voucher will be received by email after purchase
  • Give your gift voucher to your Gift Recipient, they will then need to follow the instructions to redeem their experience
  • Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase
  • Upon redemption, a confirmation email/ticket will be sent to the gift recipient

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