Jetpack Experience in Perth

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Tour Duration: 30 minutes

Reasons they will it

  • Fly up to 10 metres in the air
  • Fly like a superhero
  • 30 minute experience
  • No experience necessary
  • All equpiment provided
  • Small and personalised group

A truly unique and different Perth gift, this awesome jetpack adventure allows them to soar into the sky like a superhero using the power of water! Conducted on the waterways of Perth, this brand-new technological innovation provides a water jetpack that's harnessed to the body and allows full control for the wearer, which they can use to levitate above the water, perform twists and other stunts, and much more. It's an experience that will make the gift voucher recipient feel like James Bond once they get the hang of the controls, and the instructor will ensure they are both safe and confident before they proceed to take flight.

With all equipment and safety training included, this Perth jetpack adventure is certainly the "gift for those who have everything" - and conducted at Rockingham Beach, it's a great environment in which to enjoy an amazing session of flight.

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Important stuff


  • Jetpack adventure
  • Equiptment
  • Safety overview

Location and Times

  • Located at Rockingham Beach, Bell Park Perth. Jetpack operates from 9.00am approximately every half hour until 5pm. A contact phone number will be provided on your voucher to secure your time
  • Average duration: 15 minutes training and 15 minutes per flight

What to Expect

  • Meet your instructor at the beach where you begin your Jetpack Experience! You will then be given a brief safety overview and an introduction to the equipment by your certified instructor. You will learn how to safely operate your water-propelled jetpack, powered by a 180 horsepower Yamaha Jet ski. Before takeoff, you’ll have time to get to know the instructor who guides you through your flight with a one-way microphone. Your instructions will come through the headset in your helmet
  • Your assistant will escort you into the water where you will begin your flight. The instructor will start the Jet ski and will control the throttle during the flight but you will have complete control of your flight manoeuvres. Your instructor will assist you in complete a number of different manoeuvres depending on your abilities including turns, hovering, walking on water and even a speed run. Then, once you know the ropes, the sky is the limit (or 10 metres). Enjoy the amazing sensation of flight, powered solely by your jetpack, as you soar into the air then land safely in the water
  • Your jetpack flight will be monitored by your instructor throughout, and your assistant will be there to help you while you are in the water

What to Bring

  • Bathing suit, and towel. Depending on the air and water temperature you may want to bring a sweatshirt or jacket. You are welcome to bring your own wet or dry suits as well as aqua shoes

Additional Information

  • Spectators are more than welcome to watch you participate in your selected “Activity”. When booking your date please check our website for details. Spectators are required to comply with our locations terms, conditions and expectations of conduct. Any spectators deemed under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted on site


  • Maximum weight 150 kg
  • Maximum height 198 centimetres
  • Maximum Waist measurement 48 inch
  • Must be able to submit
  • Must know how to swim
  • Must have a blood alcohol reading of 0.00.
  • Must undertake land-based jet pack training
  • Must successfully complete in water safety roll and recovery
  • Must successfully complete harness safety release operations.
  • No first-time flyer shall be allowed to fly without instructor TRAINING.
  • No 1st Time flyer is allowed to fly if it appears they affected by drugs.
  • Under the age of 16 are not allowed to fly.
  • Under the age of 18 with parent guardians authority.
  • The 1st time flyer shall not be allowed to fly if they cannot understand instructions given in English. The exception to this is if a staff member is fluent in the 1st time flyers native language.
  • No fear getting the face submerged briefly.

Additional Information

  • Please be advised the price per person is $175 on Saturdays and Sundays

Gift Voucher Information

  • A gift voucher will be received by email after purchase.
  • Give your gift voucher to your Gift Recipient, they will then need to follow the instructions listed to redeem their experience.
  • Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Upon redemption, a confirmation email/ticket will be sent to the gift recipient.

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