Gifts for a Digital Detox

Gifts for a Digital Detox

We bring you the best gifts for friends, family and loved ones to spend more time in the great outdoors.
Imogen Jeffries

Across Australia, citizens are encouraged to put down their digital devices, iPhones and the Netflix and chilling, and opt for spending more time with your family and exploring the great outdoors.

In support of National Day of Unplugging, here at Gift At Now we are encouraging the purchase of a gift for your loved ones to spend more time outdoors, in nature, and at the local beach.

Studies continue to reveal the negative effects of technology on our health. Not only is the increased use of digital devices hurting our sleeping habits, our weight, our activity levels, the ability to focus, relationships, and much more, it's simply taking away from a much-needed part of human nature: spending time outdoors.

We live in one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the entire world - in any given day we can go water skiing, hike a mountain, or dive into one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. Today, Gift It Now brings you the best gifts to give someone in desperate need of a digital detox with a technology-free gift experience. If you're looking purchase a Birthday gift for your son or daughter, encourage them to spend time outdoors with one of our gifts. If you're looking to spend the day with your spouse or partner exploring new terrain, opt for one of the gifts below. Lastly, if you're a CEO or executive interested in spending some time team-building with your company and coworkers, our corporate style gifts are great.

1. Gifts for Partners and Spouses

Why not purchase your spouse or partner an outdoor experience that you can enjoy together outside?

A 2014 study revealed that 89% of people believe that their relationship has been damaged by the inappropriate use, or insensitive use, of technology, when together. This means the tendency to remain on the phone, texting, updating and Instagramming while at the dinner table, or potentially while in bed when the time should be used reminiscing about each others day.

One Morrocan study revealed that when people put the phones down, the conversations lasted longer, and there was a strong connection felt between members (thanks to the feel-good chemicals oxytocin). If you want to re-spark the flame with your partner, it's pretty easy to see the benefits of giving them a gift to spend in nature and exercising, sans cell-phone.

Our top lists to for your partner or spouse to celebrate National Unplugging Day, a Birthday, or Anniversary:

Go Cycling or Hire a Bike
Cycling from Alice Springs

Discover Alice Springs, NT with a 3-hour guided tour around a 10 to 15km trail. Cycle around with your beau, get your sweat on, and enjoy a complimentary snack!

Noosa Mountain Bike Tour

Choose from the Noosa Downhill Bike Tour or Beach Path Cruise Departs Monday, Wednesday, Friday and includes cycling through the south end of the Noosa National Park and along the Pacific Ocean.

Adelaide to Mount Lofty Cycling Tour

Ride from Mount Lofty to Adelaide with entry into Cleland Conservation Park. It's the perfect opportunity to discover a new terrain as a couple!

Brisbane Cycling Tour

Ride around Brisbane and discover the inner-city gems of the Southbank before arriving at the Eat Street Market. Dive into a craft beer or two, and a delicious lunch.

Enjoy A Hike Together
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Enjoy the sunrise at the Northern Territory's Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and discover the famed ancient landscape. The sunrise tour entails - you named it - viewing the spectacular sunrise with your partner, enjoying a warm cup of tea or coffee, enduring the Mutitjulu Walk, and visiting the Kantju Gorge.

Discover the Valley of Giants outside of Perth

The Valley of the Giants Day Tour from Perth is a once in a lifetime experience for both residents, and visitors, to the area. Travel through towering trees and reach 44 metres into the forest canopy. You can also check out the orchards of Donnybrook - home to the famed Granny Smith apple!

Blue Mountains Day Tour From Sydney

The ultimate tour of the Blue Mountains: visit Echo Point and take in the coveted view of the Three Sisters Rock Formation.

Go Horseback Riding
Ride in The Mornington Peninsula

Spend the day together galloping through the bush and beach trails along the Mornington Peninsula. Choose from one of four Mornington Peninsula Horse Riding experiences including the Bush Track, Beach and Bush Ride, Ride and Hot Springs or the Ride, Dine and Bathe package.

Cairns Horse Riding Tours

Ride through the 18-acre billabong and discover the abundant wildlife, like the resident geese, peacocks, ducks - and maybe even a crocodile!

Gold Coast Horse Riding

Choose from either a 2-hour or 3-hour Gold Coast Horse Ride. Scamper through the lush hinterland terrain.

2. For your Children

Studies continue to reveal that children are spending too much time in front of their devices. This coincides with prolonged sitting and lounging on the couch, which results in depletion of posture, energy levels and an increase in their weight.

Studies have also revealed that more time spent on smartphones correlates with narcissistic behaviour, a loss in empathy, and insomnia in children. A study also revealed that teens sleep patterns are heavily affected by using their cell phones, as the harmful blue rays reduce their levels of melatonin.

These ailments are quite serious - and here at Gift It Now we value leading a healthy lifestyle with your family. If your son or daughter's birthday is coming up, why not opt for spending more time outdoors together? Get them off the couch and take them on a hike to discover a place they've never been to. Teach them how to kayak on one of the many Australian bodies of water, or strap them in for a zip line experience.

Go On A Nature Walk
Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk

A 1.5k tour of New South Wales' Southern Highlands. Epic views, fresh air and great exercise for the kids.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Treetop Challenge

Live on the Gold Coast? Give your son or daughter a gift for the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Treetop tour. The best part (other than ziplining through the lush forest, and walking along an amazing natural habitat) are the chances of seeing dingoes, Tasmanian Devils, and more!

Tahune Forest Reserve

Take the kids on a tranquil forest walk through the lush forest - just 90 minutes from Hobart! A bike track and BBQ site is also on site, meaning there is more than one activity to endure with the kids!

Take them Kayaking
Adelaide Kayaking Tour

Is it your son or daughter's Birthday? Take them on a surprise kayaking excursion - and they can bring a few friends along too! The Adelaide Kayaking Tour is 3-hours and they can get up close and personal with the local dolphins.

Gold Coast Kayak Tours

There is no sunnier place than the Gold Coast! Choose from kayaking at sunset or along Stradbroke Island. Either option gives them a great scenic experience and a breath of fresh air.

3. Corporate Gifts

Most of us are slugging along in the traditional 9-5 office setting, working in front of a screen, and remaining sedentary for up to 8-hours every day. Sounds pretty harmful to our body right? Yes, but it's also pretty harmful on our mental health and productivity. What if we told you that purchasing a corporate outdoor gift could help in a digital detox for your coworkers and employees, One study revealed that those suffering from ADHD were more focused on spending some time outdoors, and this can be applicable to adults in the work setting - especially when their inspiration and focus has gone dry.

Still need proof that your office needs an outdoor office break? A study in 2012 revealed that a backpacking group was 50% more creative after completing a four-day hike.

So drop the computer gear and head outdoors with one of these great experiences.

Go Zip Lining, Abseiling, Rock Climbing or Canyoning
Otway Fly Treetop Walk and Zipline Tour

Working in Melbourne? Head out on the Otway Fly Treetop Walk and Zipline Tour. Walk through the green canopy (at the world's highest walk of its kind!) before descending through an exhilarating zip line. Walking only is also available. Perfect to get the legs and back moving after slumping over the computer all day.

Abseiling in Brisbane City

Scoot on over from Brisbane's CBD to Kangaroo Point (the perfect lunch-break opportunity from work!) for the Abseiling in Brisbane experience. Take on the 20-m drop, work up a sweat, and accomplish something together (outside of the office!).

Blue Mountains Canyoning Experience

Working in Sydney? Take a day off with your co-workers and head into the Blue Mountains. Have you already visited the Blue Mountains? Then try the Blue Mountains Canyoning Experience and traverse through the Empress Canyon, or the more difficult Rainforest Canyon.

The Newcastle Treetop Adventure

The Newcastle Treetop Adventure Park is another great bonding experience - because sitting all day at your desk doesn't always result in getting to know your co-workers any better! Filled with a variety of outdoor obstacles, it's one of the best ways to exercise as a group and take a break from the computer.

Once you've unplugged, you will find yourself more mindful, present and connected to those around you. Spending more time immersed in nature can boost your immunity levels, decrease their anxiety, improve productivity, and creativity.

Though it may just be a one-off gift to say Happy Birthday, Congratulation or Good Job, it's the start to hopefully leading a more active and outdoor lifestyle here in Australia!

If you're looking for more experience gift ideas around Australia, then check out our full range of gifts!

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